Join us for a SCIKIQ Webinar on
"Data Fabric and Contextualization,"

taking place on 1 Sep 2023, 9am IST. This enlightening 60-minute session will include a 45-minute Fireside Chat, followed by a 15-minute opportunity to ask questions and engage with the experts.
Noel Yuhanna
Noel Yuhanna

VP and Principal Analyst Forrester

Guest Participant

Gaurav Shinh
Gaurav Shinh



Vipul Narula
Vipul Narula

BFSI Digital


We'll unravel the intricacies of Data Fabric & Data Mesh Architectures. At the same time Unlock the mysteries of modern data architectures in our forthcoming webinar. Whether you're a seasoned data professional or a newcomer to the field, we've got insights that can revolutionize your understanding!

We are thrilled to have Noel Yuhanna, Principal Analyst at Forrester, joining us for this event. As a globally recognized authority on Data Engineering and Data Governance, Noel's insights extend into big data, data warehouses, data fabric, data integration, data virtualization, Hadoop, Spark, in-memory technologies, translytical platforms, NoSQL, cloud, ETL, big data integration, and data security.

With a current emphasis on new and emerging markets, modern data architectures, and cloud and hybrid cloud deployments, Noel's expertise promises to add a unique and invaluable perspective to our discussion.

The session will be hosted by Gaurav Shinh, an accomplished entrepreneur and expert in data management. As the Founder and CEO of DAAS LABS and SCIKIQ, Gaurav will provide the product point of view and skillfully navigate the webinar session, ensuring a comprehensive and engaging experience.

The event will be modered by Vipul Narula, Digital & Transformation Head, BFSI, Concentrix Catalyst Vipul's versatile career includes titles such as Chief Architect, Head of Strategy & Innovation, M&A Integration Lead, Senior Director of Digital, Chief Data Architect, and PMO Practice Lead.

Vipul Narula brings a wealth of experience spanning over two and a half decades in leadership roles. With a proven track record in building and leading high-performance teams, Vipul's expertise spans multiple sectors including banking, consulting, and IT, and across diverse geographies such as the Americas, Asia, and Europe.

Don't miss this chance to learn from leading voices in the Data Management field. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just curious about the world of data, this webinar is designed to provide actionable insights and an in-depth understanding of today's most relevant topics in data engineering and governance.