Welcome To Our Upcoming Webinar On "Data Fabric and Contextualization: The Dynamic Duo for Transforming Your Business."

Join us on April 12th, from 9am-10am (IST) / 8.30pm-9.30pm (PST) for a 45-minute Fireside Chat and 15-minute Q&A session.
Noel Yuhanna

VP and Principal Analyst Forrester

Guest Participant

Gaurav Shinh



John Smith

Business Leader
and CEO


The session will be hosted by Gaurav Shinh, an accomplished entrepreneur and expert in data management, who is the Founder and CEO of DAAS LABS and SCIKIQ. Gaurav will provide the product point of view and will navigate the webinar session.

We are also pleased to have John Smith, CEO of a leading consumer goods company, as a guest participant. John will present the customer view on the benefits of contextualising data.

Joining Our esteemed panel is principal analyst (Noel Yuhanna | Forrester), who will provide thought leadership on the platform and the importance of contextualizing data.

By combining data fabric and contextualization, enterprises can gain a more complete view of their data, leading to improved efficiency, productivity, and innovation. Our experts will discuss the benefits and challenges of implementing a data fabric and contextualization strategy, share best practices and case studies, and provide practical guidance for organizations looking to transform their data management practices.

Context adds meaning and relevance to data, but it's a delicate balance. Too much context can hinder analysis. The value of contextual data depends on the specific context and goals of analysis. AI-driven data fabric can significantly enhance businesses' ability to contextualize and analyze their data.

Join Us for this Insightful Webinar and Discover how Data Fabric and Contextualization can Transform your Business. Don't Miss Out on this Opportunity to Learn from Industry Experts and Network with Fellow Business Professionals.