SCIKIQ is ranked among the top 34 global Augmented Business Intelligence platforms.

 The report, authored by Forrester analyst Boris Evelson, highlights SCIKIQ’s ability to support the development of domain-specific applications and use cases. SCIKIQ has been recognized for its versatile capabilities as a data fabric platform. This places SCIKIQ alongside other industry leaders such as AWS, Tibco, DOMO, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google Cloud.

SCIKIQ Data Fabric Architecture

In the simplest terms, SCIKIQ data fabric is a unified architecture that lets you manage and organize your data that is spread over multiple platforms and environments. It lets you connect to data that is spread in cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud, real-time sources, physical premises, and much more. It helps you avoid data silos, and lets you access your data in real time, which increases your efficiency thereby reducing your costs.