SCIKIQ is ranked among the top 34 global Augmented Business Intelligence platforms.

SCIKIQ, the native data fabric platform developed by Data and Analytics Services Pvt Ltd, has been recognized as a Notable platform in the augmented business intelligence platforms landscape Q1 2023 report by Forrester Research.  The report, authored by Forrester analyst Boris Evelson, highlights SCIKIQ’s ability to support the development of domain-specific applications and use cases. SCIKIQ has been recognized for its versatile capabilities as a data fabric platform. This places SCIKIQ alongside other industry leaders such as AWS, Tibco, DOMO, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google Cloud.

Forrester’s Augmented Business Intelligence Platforms Landscape, Q1 2023 report provides an overview of 34 vendors in the augmented business intelligence (BI) space. The report is intended to help technology and data leaders understand the value they can expect from an augmented BI platform vendor, learn how vendors differ and select one based on size and market focus.

Forrester defines augmented BI platforms as enterprise reporting and analytics software augmented with AI to provide descriptive and diagnostic analytics, data visualization and exploration, reporting and dashboarding functionality, data integration, and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics based on statistical analysis and machine learning. These platforms support both graphical and conversational (cognitive) user interfaces.

Business insights professionals use augmented BI platforms in a variety of ways. They create new business metrics and author reports and dashboards, which decision-makers then consume to derive insights from data and analytics. The majority of enterprises still use BI platforms for standalone analytical applications. Still, new techniques like analytics embedded in all systems of work, conversational UI, and ML-based alerting are poised to address the needs of the other 80% of users. The report highlights that the primary benefit of using augmented BI platforms is to enable last-mile intelligence for business professionals, bringing together signals produced from other applications and platforms, and turning data insights into data stories.

SCIKIQ is an all-in-one data management platform that enables last-mile intelligence for business users through its powerful and intuitive user interface. The platform seamlessly integrates with existing infrastructure and brings together signals produced by other applications and platforms.

SCIKIQ’s advanced features such as automation, AI-driven analytics, data visualization, and exploration, reporting, dashboarding, data integration, and predictive and prescriptive analytics based on statistical analysis and machine learning makes it a true augmented business intelligence platform. With support for both graphical and conversational user interfaces, SCIKIQ empowers businesses to make data-driven decisions and drive growth.

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