SCIKIQ Data Fabric Architecture

In the simplest terms, SCIKIQ data fabric is a unified architecture that lets you manage and organize your data that is spread over multiple platforms and environments. It lets you connect to data that is spread in cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud, real-time sources, physical premises, and much more. It helps you avoid data silos, and lets you access your data in real time, which increases your efficiency thereby reducing your costs.

SCIKIQ Data Fabric Architecture
SCIKIQ Data Fabric Architecture

SCIKIQ Data Fabric architecture helps manage and organize data across multiple environments, making it easily accessible and secure from one central platform. It is particularly useful for organizations dealing with complex data structures, multiple data vendors, and both cloud and on-premise data.

With Scikiq you can easily access, consume, control, and secure your data from one place, maximizing efficiency and profits for your organization. Additionally, Scikiq allows you to track who is using your data and how it is being used, allowing you to monitor costs, improve performance, and prevent issues for your customers. All of these features can be accessed and utilized without the need for coding, making Data Fabric a cost-efficient solution for reducing technical debt and maintenance costs.

You can always know who is using your data and how, which lets you monitor costs, improve performance, and solve issues before the customer faces them. Data fabric makes your data transparent, but only to those who have access.

Scikiq does all of this and much more without code. So you also do not have to worry about maintaining the code set. It bridges the gap between expectation and reality by giving you your data in real-time as and when you need it and also by letting you manage your data in one platform. Reducing the maintenance cost of your data reduces your technical debt and makes it cost-efficient as well.

Leveraging Scikiq as full-stack analytics, All in one Data Fabric platform

Scikiq Data fabric architecture presents you with a unified platform that solves all your data-related issues and much more. With ScikIQ, all the complexities are abstracted, and business teams are empowered to focus on building value-added services and products using Data Fabric.

Scikiq helps you to simplify, transform, and exchange data using a first-of-its-kind AI-driven business data fabric platform that delivers a trusted and real-time view of data across an enterprise in days or weeks instead of months and years. The platform transforms the way Data is acquired, curated, consumed, and governed to create business value.

Scikiq presents you with a no-code, drag-and-drop user interface with which business teams can focus on decisions and outcomes rather than spending time stitching together data across multiple organizational silos.

Scikiq’s 4C Framework

This cutting-edge Architecture brings alive something called Unified analytics. It is a term that refers to a data management/Fabric architecture that integrates data from a variety of sources, including on-premises data centers, cloud-based storage, and edge devices, and makes it available for analysis through a single, unified platform. The goal of a unified analytics fabric is to provide organizations with a single, easy-to-use platform for accessing, analyzing, and visualizing data from a wide range of sources, making it easier for users to extract insights and make data-driven decisions. This is embedded in Scikiq’s 4C framework and helps you connect, (Data integration) control, (Data Governance) curate,(Data Modelling), and consume (Data Visualisation) your data in the easiest way possible.

SCIKIQ Connect

Scikiq lets you connect or integrate your data by acquiring and migrating legacy data without using any code. It helps you build and deliver new capabilities by acquiring data into Scikiq and getting real-time data changes for real-time analytics. 

ScikIQ Connect helps you connect with both structured and unstructured sources of Data. Using its out-of-box integration, you can connect to data warehousing products, databases, application stores, file systems, Hadoop ecosystems, real-time sources, and much more. The best part about this, data never leaves your premise and is 100% secure with low maintenance cost and high efficiency.

SCIKIQ Control

With Scikiq’s graph capabilities, you can discover and catalog your data assets. You can also profile, identify, and treat data quality issues thereby giving you complete control over your data.

Modern data governance will rely much on automation. Machine learning plays a key role; it increases the speed and accuracy of data capture and categorization. Those features add context to the information for effective “hands-free” governance. The Platform should be able to learn on its own to understand data and the context in which data is being used and go on building on the underlying data intelligence.

Data Governance is made simpler and more effective with SCIKIQ intelligence– With AI/ML assistance, data governance can function seamlessly with a policy engine, Orchestration engine, business glossary and various Governance metrics.


You can create raw, processed, and prepared analytical layers on the SCIKIQ MPP database. Cleanse and enrich your data using ScikIQ Prep Studio. Also, you can create logic and physical data model using ScikIQ Studio.

SCIKIQ Consume

Consume your data for insights via reports and dashboards. Enrich downstream systems or decision support systems by publishing high-quality curated data as an API. Create ML Sandpits and continuous Improvement Jobs.

you can integrate all the data quickly with the SCIKIQ Connect platform, Build a comprehensive data Governance on SCIKIQ Framework. SCIKIQ is a modern & intelligent platform that works on top of complex data systems and makes Data Governance as easy as it should be and yet effectively manages key areas like compliance, Data Quality, Security, and Trust. You embed Data Governance as a business practice by activating passive metadata. Post that you can begin with data modeling and help the company speak one data language and begin looking at data for effective business decision-making, profitability, and cost-effective operations. Explore SCIKIQ and book a demo here

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