SCIKIQ Control: Transform Your Data Governance Strategy with Automated Data Discovery and Management

As the volume and variety of data continue to grow, managing and governing enterprise data has become increasingly complex for organizations. Traditional data governance solutions often fall short of addressing the gaps in infrastructure, and require multiple vendors for point solutions, adding complexity and increasing costs.

SCIKIQ Control changes the game by providing an all-inclusive solution for streamlining data governance. It simplifies and automates data management processes, ensures compliance and risk management, and bridges the gaps in existing infrastructure. SCIKIQ Control is a comprehensive tool that addresses the complex needs of modern organizations and makes data governance more efficient and cost-effective.

Data Governance with SCIKIQ Control: Features and Benefits

Data Governance Architecture

Gartner defines Data governance as the specification of decision rights and an accountability framework to ensure the appropriate behavior in the valuation, creation, consumption, and control of data and analytics. SCIKIQ ensures its powerful data governance tool helps enterprises to reach their full potential with the following features and benefits.

  1. Automated Data Discovery: SCIKIQ Control automates the process of discovering data, making it easy to identify and extract metadata from existing data sources, regardless of their format, quality or volume.
    This Data Governance tool leverages Elastic search capabilities to perform data discovery and has implemented Data Discovery via Infrastructure on Demand. In ScikIQ, data is discovered as soon as the data migration/ETL job is scheduled.
    The discovery happens on a POD, which is infrastructure on Demand. There are services responsible for searching the database catalog, establishing the relationship, populating knowledge graphs, and making all available on the Front end.
  2. Data Cataloging, Metadata Discovery and Asset Approval: SCIKIQ Control includes powerful features for data cataloging, metadata discovery, and asset approval, which are powered by Elastic Search. These features make it easy for organizations to identify, classify and approve data assets, and to extract useful information from them.
  3. Data Lineage and Knowledge Graphs: SCIKIQ Control also includes powerful data lineage and knowledge graph features, powered by Neo4J, which help organizations understand the relationships between different data assets, and to trace data lineage throughout the data journey. These features give users a complete 360-degree view of the system and encourage the recycling of existing built modules.
  4. Data Quality Management: SCIKIQ Control enables organizations to improve the quality of their data by combining processes, people, and technologies. The tool includes powerful data quality management features, including rules and dashboards, and an advanced Power BI/Tableau Metadata Engine with Report Classifier and Document Scribe.
  5. Data Observatory: SCIKIQ Control offers a Data Observatory, which helps organizations understand the distribution, freshness, volume, and schema change of their data, and makes it easier to make data-driven decisions.

Data Governance Framework: SCIKIQ Control has a Data Governance Framework that is set up to achieve the following:

  • Data Stewardship which helps set up a Data Stewards role within SCIKIQ to ensure the quality and fitness of data
  • Data Quality Management enables the combination of processes, people, and technologies to improvising the measures of data quality
  • Meta Data Management enables establishing policies and processes so that information can be integrated, shared, and protected in the form of Asserts, glossaries, business data, and entity
  • Data Lineage that identifies where each resource is being used and captures lineage at every stage of the data journey.
  • Authoritative Data Source that has pre-configured roles available to ensure authorized data source access and maintain ownership

SCIKIQ Control revolutionizes data governance by automating key processes and simplifying the management of enterprise data. The tool automates data discovery, streamlines data cataloging, metadata discovery, and asset approval, and provides powerful data lineage and knowledge graph features.

Additionally, it includes advanced data quality management features, a Data Observatory, and a Data Governance Framework that helps organizations ensure compliance and risk management. With SCIKIQ Control’s automation capabilities, organizations can easily govern their data and make data-driven decisions in a more efficient and cost-effective way.

The benefits of using SCIKIQ are vast, including cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved decision-making capabilities. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to elevate your data management to the next level. Shortlist SCIKIQ as your go-to enterprise data management platform and experience the difference it can make for your organization.

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