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SCIKIQ is an innovative, cutting-edge, AI-driven data fabric framework that helps data-rich organizations overcome data silos and other limitations generated by complex multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments. SCIKIQ can help you solve complex business problems for the enterprise, improving business efficiency, growth and revenues as a result.

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What is SCIKIQ

SCIKIQ is an innovative, cutting edge, AI-driven business Data Fabric framework which helps Data rich organizations to overcome the Data silos and other limitations generated by complex multi-vendor, multi-cloud environments and deliver a trusted and real-time view of data across an enterprise in a very short span of time.

Through its No Code, Drag, and Drop User Interface, business teams can focus on decisions and outcomes rather spending time stitching together data across Organisational Silos.

SCIKIQ enables the organisations to manage data regardless of where it lives. It brings the following cutting-edge possibilities when it comes to managing your data.


Connect to your Application/Data Store using pre-build Connectors and Recipes


Integrate Data Assets across the enterprise by curating and building a Single Version of Truth.


Discover, Manage and Trust the Data Lake by following the best-in-class governance module


Consume data and insights via reports and dashboards, Data as a Service, or Embedded Analytics


When organisations deploy SCIKIQ , Organizations benefit from introducing a unified data management platform architecture such as SCIKIQ, where the end-to-end data management processes are combined, specifically:

  • ETL Tools: Provides capabilities to extract, transform and load data into the target state.
  • Data Catalogue: Provides Data Cataloguing and Meta Data Management Capabilities
  • Data Preparation: Provides data exploration, preparation, and wrangling capabilities for BI/analytics
  • Data Warehousing: Provides capabilities such as Data Modelling, Storing, retrieving, and archival of Data sources
  • Data lakes: A data lake is a system or repository of data stored in its natural/raw format, usually object blobs or files.
  • Reporting: Provides capability to create standard and ad-hoc reports on a self-serve basis
  • Analytics: Provide integration with ML and Statistical model where business can draw key insights

SCIKIQ goal is to make the data available to business users in a faster & trusted manner to accelerate Business transformation for the organisation.

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