Forrester Research has recognized SCIKIQ, a data fabric platform developed by Data and Analytics Services Pvt Ltd, as a Notable platform in the augmented business intelligence (BI) platforms landscape Q1 2023 report. SCIKIQ has been acknowledged for its ability to support the development of domain-specific applications and use cases, making it a versatile data fabric platform. This report is Forrester’s Overview Of 34 Vendors in the Augmented BI Platforms landscape.

The Augmented BI platforms landscape report defines augmented BI platforms as software that combines AI with enterprise reporting and analytics to provide a range of functions, including descriptive and diagnostic analytics, data visualization, reporting and dashboarding functionality, data integration, and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics based on statistical analysis and machine learning.

Pl read the report here Forrester’s Augmented BI Landscape Report 2023

SCIKIQ’s recognition as a data fabric platform places it in the company of other industry leaders such as AWS, Tibco, DOMO, Microsoft, Salesforce, and Google Cloud, all of which offer tools for data integration, visualization, and analysis.

SCIKIQ is a leading AI-driven data fabric platform that simplifies data management and contextualizes data to keep it relevant and available for business users. By bringing together a no-code, self-service, all-in-one data fabric platform that leverages knowledge graph, AI & ML capabilities, SCIKIQ provides real-time insights, centralized data sources, and cost savings, and eliminates the need for multiple data vendors.

Unlike its competition, SCIKIQ focuses on putting the business lens and context on data, rather than pushing another tool and/or methodologies for faster computing and storage. This is achieved by removing the complexity and technical barriers associated with traditional data analytics platforms and offering a user-friendly interface that allows business users to easily access and analyze their data. Furthermore, the platform is built to be flexible and scalable, allowing it to be tailored to the unique needs of each individual business, making it a valuable solution for enterprises looking to derive business value from their data.

SCIKIQ is excited to be in Forrester’s Augmented BI platforms Landscape Report 2023.

Know more about SCIKIQ and learn all the platform capabilities like Data Integration, Data Governance, Data Curation, and more. Check the general FAQ on the platform.